raja sehari Ustaz Q

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at last! it takes me very long to upload this video , but im quite sure that its not too late. Anyway, Alfoun mabrouk for your lovely wedding - seconds step towards khilafah.. May Allah's bless and guidance always be with you both, and may Allah shower His blessings on you and place goodness between both of you. last thing..permision is requested for this video to be uploaded, izinkan yer, :).

This 'sendiri-bikin' video was officially released during the wedding!

More lovely picture CLICK HERE

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5 Responses to "raja sehari Ustaz Q"

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Salam Ziarah..

    Cepat zul, kami masih menanti dari anta..
  3. luziaz Says:
  4. erk~~ nantikan ape ye???
  5. Dr Says:
  6. nantikan perkara yg same cam enta ler... hehehe
  7. luziaz Says:
  8. masih (buat-buat) xpaham... by the way, ni Dr mana satu ye? ramai sgt Dr skrg nih~~
  9. Thaaqhib Mohammed Says:
  10. hadoi! ni apdet zaman bile

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